Anna Ahrens

David Burgan
ECHS Chemistry, AP Physics I​

Michael Deutsch
Zoology & Biology

Mike Edmundson
Chemistry, AP Environmental, Astronomy

Donell Evans
ECHS Biology and Physical Science-Chemistry​

Lisa Groth
AP Biology, ECHS Biology, Human Physiology and Anatomy

Ron Kaspar
Chemistry, Physics

Steph Larsen
Physics, AP Physics II, 
Physical Science-Physics

Tim Leuschen

Dean Liberty

Physical Science Physics, Biology

Nicole Kinzer
Biology and ECHS Biology​

Deanna Stickney
Human Physiology

Erica Storms
Physical Science Physics, Biology, ELO

Jacquie Welch

Physical science-chemistry & biology

Jennifer Wilson
Chemistry, AP Chemistry

Kim Ziegler
Biology and Environmental Science
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