How to check out 
Digital Audio & e-books:
      1. Click on the above image to get started. 

      2.  Select Millard South High School

      3.  Click on Catalog

      4.  Narrow Your Search to electronic Book (e-book) or Sound               Recording (non-musical)

      5.   Click on Limit to Follett

      6.   Leave Title Blank.  Click to Title Icon to Continue

      7.   You may sort by Call Number, Title, Author, Date, Type,                Status, or Relevance.

      8.   Click on the Tile of the Book You Are Interest In

      9.  Click Open/Play

     10.  Login In Using Your Millard SSO

     11.  Click on the Main Menu to View the Contents

     12.  Navigate Through Your Selection Using the Arrow on the                  Right-Hand Side of the Page for e-Books or Press Arrow to             Listen to Audio Books.