DECA State Results!

Congratulations to these students for their academic achievement at State DECA! International competition will be a mix of virtual and live throughout the month of April; we will not be traveling this year for this competition. 

Written Projects- International Qualifiers, 20 page paper & oral presentation

1st Place- Emily Christiansen & Sydney McDermott, Financial Operations research

1st Place- Hale Kilcoin, Olivia Palmer & Gage Sayles, Hospitality & Tourism Operations research

1st Place- Nico Bianchette & Emma West, Project Management Sales Project

2nd Place- Mikenna Kerkman & Max Thompson, Business Operations research

2nd Place- Miranda Barna, Michaela Bluvas, & Lyla Zornic, Buying & Merchandising Operations research

3rd Place- Chloe Biery & Alivia Wade, Project Management Community Awareness


Team Events- International Qualifiers: 100 question test & spontaneous problem solving

1st Place- Ellee Glowgoski & Sydney Youngclaus, Sports & Entertainment

4th Place- Emily Christiansen & Sydney McDermott, Hospitality & Tourism *double qualifiers!*

5th Place- Sabrina Hernandez & Justina Wiese, Hospitality & Tourism


Individual Events- International Qualifiers: 100 question test & spontaneous problem solving

1st Place- Olivia Palmer Apparel & Accessories *double qualifier!*

1st Place- Max Thompson Entrepreneurship *double qualifier!*  

1st Place – Ashlyn McIntyre Food Marketing

2nd Place- Miranda Barna Business Services *double qualifier!*

2nd Place- Mikenna Kerkman Marketing Communications *double qualifier!*

2nd Place- Avery Laing Principle of Business Marketing

2nd Place- Max Thompson Entrepreneurship *double qualifier!*

3rd Place- Lara Ohling Restaurant Full Service

4th Place- Lizzy Hutchinson Business Services Management

4th Place- Maddy Ballard Sports & Entertainment

6th Place- Kaylen Sears Apparel & Accessories


Top 8 Placement: (non qualifiers)

3rd Place- Emma McClannan & Hailey VanWinkle, written project Sports & Entertainment

4th Place- Amelia Dolton Restaurant Full Service

6th Place- Bailey Brundrett Marketing Communications

6th Place- Emma West Personal Finance

6th Place- Hale Kilcoin Quick Serve Restaurant

6th Place- Emma McClannan Restaurant Full Service

7th Place- Chloe Biery & Alivia Wade Hospitality & Tourism

7th Place- Nico Bianchette Restaurant Full Service

7th Place- Michaela Bluvas Retail Merchandising

8th Place- Hailey Van Winkle Automotive Services

8th Place- Hannah Glynn Food Marketing