Advanced Placement/ Dual Enrollment

Millard South Advanced Placement Course and Test Information

Who should take Advanced Placement (AP) Courses?
Any student who plans to go to college should take at least one AP course in a personal strength area. This allows the student to see what college-level work will be like and allows him or her to make adjustments to study strategies now while there are no tuition costs. It is a great opportunity! Good grades are a strong indication of ability and motivation, both of which are necessary for any AP course. Some AP courses have prerequisites. Complete information will be in our curriculum handbook that each student receives in January.
What courses are offered?
These are the 23 Advanced Placement (AP) classes offered at Millard South: AP Biology, AP AB Calculus, AP BC Calculus, AP Chemistry, AP Comparative Government, AP Computer Science A, AP English Literature and Composition, AP Language and Composition, AP Environmental Science, AP European History, AP French, AP Human Geography, AP Spanish, AP German, AP Macroeconomics, AP Microeconomics AP Music Theory, AP Psychology, AP Physics, AP Statistics, APO Unites States Government, AP United States History, and AP World History.
What about the AP Exams?
AP Exams will be offered at Millard South during the first two weeks in May at dates and times set nationally by the College Board. Students in AP courses are strongly encouraged to take the exam. Students who score well can earn college credit for a fraction of the cost of university tuition. The cost is set by College Board. More information is distributed in AP classes in late February with registration completed by mid-March. Millard may also have some scholarships for testing fees available.
What are the top 10 reasons for taking AP courses and exams?
1. Students take college-level courses with no tuition.
2. Students have free use of college-level textbooks.
3. Students find that AP course credit looks impressive on the transcript.
4. Students find that AP course credit looks impressive on scholarship applications.
5. Students know that an AP course prepares them for that AP Exam.
6. Students know that an AP course’s weighted grade may raise their GPA.
7. Students participate in a nationally recognized program, with over 2,000 public and private colleges giving credit for high AP Exam scores.
8. Students improve their skills for other standardized tests like ACT and SAT.
9. Students have a personal challenge and feeling of achievement.
10. Students have the potential to register at their university with freshman credits partially completed.
What about UNO dual credit?
Some of our AP courses have an option for students to dual enroll with UNO. This rate is set by UNO and is subject to change. This UNO rate also includes UNO paying for the AP exam. A dual enrollment meeting is held at Millard South at the start of each semester, as well as enrollment forms distributed in AP classes. Students should check with their universities of choice about transferability of these credits.
Where is there more information?
Look on the AP link of our school’s web site or check your MSHS course catalog.
Check out the College Board’s web site at
Questions can also be directed to your guidance counselor or Mr. Andy Pinkall at 715-8268.​

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