Things are going to look a little different this year. But you know what's not going to be different? OUR PATRIOT PRIDE!!! Here's what's planned for the week of October 5-October 10


  • 10/5 Monochromatic Monday - wear one color and one color only.
  • 10/6 Take A Break Tuesday - Pajama/Comfy day
  • 10/7 We ARE Millard South Wednesday - This is a class competition and the winning class gets points towards the SPIRIT STICK! Freshman - wear red, Sophomores - wear white, Juniors - wear blue, Seniors - wear black
  • 10/8 Throwback Thursday - find a decade and celebrate!
  • 10/9 Why is THIS in my closet? Friday - dig it out and wear it with pride.

ACTIVITIES (more details to come)

  • Monday and Tuesday, October 5 & 6- Quiz done in class google classrooms- Points are awarded towards the Spirit Stick Competition
  • Wednesday, October 7- Class competition for Spirit Stick based on number of participants in Patriot Pride Spirit Day
  • Thursday and Friday, October 8 & 9- All School Scavenger Hunt. Points are awarded towards the Spirit Stick Competition
  • Thursday, October 8- Homecoming Football game/ Royalty announced. Sophomore and Junior Royalty will be announced during school hours, senior royalty will be crowned at the game
  • Saturday, October 10- Movie Night on the Field